Self Help Tips for Treating Gambling Addiction

Addiction in any form is nasty and addiction of wagering is an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Wagering occasionally can be enjoyable, but prolonged interest in it, can turn into an passion, login pos4d compelling the gambler to gamble continuously, irrespective of whether he wins. Wagering addiction ingests a toll on the addict’s finances and affects him socially, psychologically and physically. It devastates the gambler’s life and has serious consequences on friends.

How does wagering addiction start

People generally resort to wagering for various reasons, like curiosity, trying once and winning and getting addicted, but mostly wagering addiction is the escape route from personal relationship problems or any past or current failure in life. The easiest way someone gets passionate is to try once or twice, and with beginner’s luck, he wins, but after that he starts losing. Small company isn’t always gain back the entire money, the gambler goes on playing, till he is left with nothing. Lovers do not hesitate to plead with, borrow or steal money to continue their routine of wagering.

This situation must be discussed before it moves beyond control, but the complicated task is to locate and identify an addict. An addict gambler is very smart to hide his characteristic features. However, one symptom can give them away – they always try to sneak around, lie about their whereabouts and inquire people to lend money.

Self-help for treating wagering addiction – What are the options?

The first step in curing wagering addiction is to confess in the presence of someone else. The presence of someone close would help the addict remain motivated to his efforts. This is the complicated step jointly who can admit that he is an addict, is half way through the curing process because most lovers self conscious away due to the anxiety about social rejection.

After the admission, the addict must avoid visiting the places where he gambles, like casinos and clubs. If he is addicted to online wagering then he must remove all sites from the computer. The next phase is to engage in some fruitful activity that distracts the addict from wagering, like taking a walk, or visiting a gym.

Following natural solutions are better and safer than trying some kind of medicine, because all medicines have side effects and runs the risk to build drug reliance. Wagering lovers can also join wagering nameless support boards, where they can see others like them, trying to get rid of this dangerous habit.

Another step towards a better life can be self-hypnosis. An addict can either get a hypnotist / hypnotherapist, or buy a CD of self-hypnosis, or use a variety of the two methods. A hypnotist will not only hypnotize, but listen to his problems and identify the reasons for wagering and state a solution. However, if this option is not possible to avail for someone, self – hypnosis Dvds is a good option too. Remember, getting rid of wagering addiction is an ongoing battle an addict has to continue fighting unless probability of relapses end completely.

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